Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

lunch td sambil2 dok baca buku "night whisper" by Judith McNaught...tiba-tiba kuar lg rockwell...ermm lagu ni agak lama gak...slow rock.. tp bila ari ni dgr lagu nyer jd touching bait2 lirik yg aku rasa tlh menyentuh hati & nurani hehehehehe

" knife, cuts like a knife
how will i ever heal?
i'm so deeply wounded
knife, cuts like a knife
you cut away the heart of my life "

fuhh mmg sentap tu :)....

anywhere it could be anything or everything .... but still ?????

nota pipi: knife owh knife !

Nura:Rise of The Yokai clan

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

storyline :

Rikuo Nura is part human and a quarter Yokai (demon). Rikuo is able to turn into his Yokai form only after the sunsets when the moon is out, he turns back into his human self when the sun rises. This happen coz he is only a quarter yokai. He lives in a house full of spirits along with his Yokai grandfather. Trying to escape his fate of acting like a Yokai, he does good deeds in order to avoid becoming one, despite his grandfahter wish to suceed him as master of Nura Yokai Clan. Rikuo is a different Yokai coz he helps humans. He eventually comes to terms with his demon blood and decides to take up the position of young head of Nura house. Multiple factions aim to stop him or overtake his position and he must gather friends and allies, a new hyukki Yako under his banner of fear...

cite ni skang ngah tyg kat animax channel 715 , setiap hari rabu kul 9.00 mlm ... cite ni best utk ditonton beb.(bg sape yg minat anime la yup) ok slamat menonton

nota pipi: suke tgk anime coz jln cite x berat & x penin pala :p