Wednesday, February 23, 2011

dangerous to kiss

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

handsome,kind and unassuming, Mr Gray seemed the answer to Deborah Weyman's prayer's. For once she accepted the position he offered, she would finally be safe from notorious Lord Kendal, a man she had good reason to believe had murdered her former employer and now after her. but other thing that might have warned her that Mr. Gray was no savior but a very dangerous man...And only when it's too late for Deborah to run will she learn what it means to be at his mercy and powerless to resist his seduction :))

ermm amacam best x die punyer sinopsis nyer...hehehehe
lately ni aku suka baca novel2 klasik cam gini.... nampak cam boring tp sebenarnya mmg best....ayat yg digunakan agak klasik best at least bole improve mane yg ptt hehehehe
ok nk abiskan novel ni..byk yg menanti rege novel RM29.90 ermm agak mahal skit tp bebaloi2~ngeh2
nota pipi : love to read, beyond my imagination :))